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The LENSKIRT is a portable, flexible hood which you attach to the end of your camera lens. It allows you to shoot pictures / video through glass without internal environmental reflections such as yourself, room lights, camera flashes, light leak from under a door, etc.

It is ideal for shooting time lapse projects from inside a building or vehicle.

Dimensions of the LENSKIRT are 9in (23cm) X 10in (25xm) with a depth of 7.5in (19cm)


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    Early Days

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Mar 2013

    I have now had the opportunity to use the lenskirt to cover ice hockey games and have found it satisfactory in reducing the glare. However the quality of the materials used , for the money paid , leaves a lot to be desired. I refer to the quality of the cloth skirt that attaches to the lens . It's weave is so open that I wonder what sort of usage I can expect from it before holes or tears develop in it. I realise it's got to be flexible but not so as the durability of the product suffers. Here's hoping

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    Product + service = LIKE

    Posted by Marcus O'Brien on 19th Feb 2013

    Lenskirt produce a fantastic product which has recently been updated with improved quality material and manufacture. Importantly their customer service is attentive, reliable and helpful. New products releasing shortly also indicates a continuing development of their already great product. Lenskirts are an incredible gift for colleagues working in tvc's, tv and films - EVERYTIME. Latest crew to use one is Ann Curry's photographer with NBC NEWS.

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    Why didn't I think of this?

    Posted by Morrison Photography on 3rd Dec 2012

    For years we have been shooting in situations where we have had to acquire black foam core or Cinefoil to accomplish our through the window or plexiglass shot. Lenskirt is a great product to avoid those other time consuming options. Great idea - and very easy to use!

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    Excellent accessory

    Posted by Tim on 27th Nov 2012

    Have just acquired it direct from USA took only 3 days to get here. Used it imediately in London at some of the high spots and it is simply amazing. So simple that no-one else has thought about this issue before.

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    Great product!

    Posted by Matthew Dixon on 25th Oct 2012

    Very handy to have in your camera bag, lightweight and scrunches up small too. Does exactly what it's supposed to, kills reflections on windows, have it with me at all times now.

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    Lenskirt to the rescue

    Posted by kapshure on 23rd Oct 2012

    I initially first heard about the lenskirt when reviewing some images from a light-painting workshop that had taken place in Bodie, CA. I quickly saw the added value of having something like this. Although I really dont shoot through glass a lot, when the time came for my own journey to Bodie (this past weekend), I decided to go ahead and order one for myself. I was not disappointed. I dont have any sample images to show yet, but I can definitively say that the lenskirt saved my butt while shooting through all the windows at Bodie. The only thing is, w/ the windows at Bodie, they were quite dirty - and of course I had forgotten my Windex lol -- so the suction cups didnt work too well, but I was still able to maneuver the product well enough that it accomplished what I needed it too. 5 stars! p.s. my GF says it also doubles as a great sun hat/bonnet :)

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    If you photograph at at museums, aquariums or zoos you need this product.

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Sep 2012

    A must have accessory for doing photography through glass, especially at museums, zoos or aquariums. Easily attached to any camera lens, the lenskirt lets you avoid reflections from the glass or flash back from your flash or those of others who may be shooting near you. Wonderful product.

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    I wish I had this years ago...

    Posted by Norm Powell on 5th Sep 2012

    I heard about this product on the Photofocus podcast and could not wait to get one. I tried it immediately upon receipt and could not be happier with the result. I now can't wait to find a legitimate place to use it as I know it will improve my through window photography greatly. No more rubber lens hoods (that don't really work, anyway) for me!!!!

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    Posted by Sarah Hill on 29th Aug 2012

    This is a brilliant product. Attaches easily, light to carry on vacation, does what it says on the tin.